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Thread: Content Manager not working

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    Default Content Manager not working

    For some reason right now when I try to install a thing from the DLS on Content Manager, it just says "Searching Asset" and does nothing else, but for some reason when I install from the DLS website it works

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    Welcome to Trainz.

    The cause of your problem is likely because you do not have the game registered to your account. Notice the lack of games showing next to your name.

    Once you have your game registered to your account, things will likely start work and you will also get access to the version and DLS related support forums on this forum.

    So I suggest you focus on that first. Depending on your version this can be arranged by registering your serial here or by using the same login and password in both game and forum.

    Note that most people will ignore your posts as long as it does not have a registered version showing next to your name. Many people have tried to get support without a legal version of the game and having the game listed is the only way we know you have it legally.

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    I managed to get to the content manager, it has nothing to do with registration, it could be your computer having problems.

    i couldn’t access it at first so It might be your computer

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    As oknotsen says, you'll need to register your game first. However, if you have done that and the game still doesn't show up in the space to the right of your username, contact the support desk and they will fix the problem. This happened to me once and the support folks fix everything up in short order.

    Take care and enjoy the game. Lots of folks in the community that will help with darn near any problem you can come up with.
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