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Thread: How to speed up time in trainz

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    Post How to speed up time in trainz

    (Mods please move this if this is in the wrong section of the forum)
    Have you ever wanted to play one of those really long sessions on a very long route but don't have the time to run it all? You just wish that time could be sped up?
    Well I got the solution. Just follow these steps and you can enjoy the power of timewarp in trainz! (as far as i'm aware this works in TS12 and bellow not sure about TANE, TMR2017 or TRS2019)
    step 1: Go into your trainz userdata folder for me this is This PC/E/Trainz12/UserData but for you this will probably be different
    step 2: Create a text document and name it "trainzoptions" without the quotation marks or if they already is a trainzoptions.txt then open it up
    step 3: write the following into the text document "-debug" or add a new line to the existing document then write the line in without the quotation marks
    step 4: save the text file and start up trainz
    step 5: load up a session and when it loads hold down the shift key. If you did the previous steps correctly time should accelerate every time you hold down shift.
    I hope you were able to complete this tutorial and I hope you found it useful.

    my YT channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0kO-ivUrfsjC3Ho1PMo5Pw

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    I will advise caution with that method - some parts of the AI do not always behave correctly when using the Shift speedup.

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    I normally only use this method during route and session development, not for general game play.
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