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Thread: No slowing down for yellow, please

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    in general and in broad terms I think a yellow signal means that the next signal could be red and any driver will have road knowledge and the train speed must be so that the driver will be able to stop in time in the event that the next signal is red.Not sure how well the AI drivers know the roads though...
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    In the UK there is no speed limit associated with cautionary signal aspects, it is down to the driver's knowledge of the route, traction and prevailing conditions as to the required reduction in speed to stop safely at the subsequent red. Each country is different so N3V's dilemma is how do you code in all the variations for AI train movement. The blunt answer is probably they don't and therefore AI is given a compromise fail safe option - jack of all trades master of none.
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    Again, thanks everyone for participating in this discussion and for interesting reactions.
    I think it is not asking too much (from N3V) to allow a signal creator to determine how trains will react to his/her signals, be it by some code in the script or by some tag in the config file. Hope N3V is listening in.


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