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Thread: Sydney Cityrail 2020 Project (In Development)

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    Default Transport Sydney Trains 2020 Project (Work in Progress)

    Back at the end of 2006 I had a thread going called Cityrail 2007/2008 where I had created the entire Sydney rail network for TRS2006
    Whichever station you wanted on the Sydney rail network it was in my route.

    Then disaster struck and my backups failed at a time where I had hardware issues..... and I lost the lot.....2 years of work.

    Got back on the horse and started again rebuilding the project...... then life go in the way and I had to concentrate on work and health. That was 10 years ago.

    Today I am announcing that the project is reborn as Transport Sydney Trains 2020

    10 years ago I was using Google Earth to place the track as well as track diagrams from the ARHS NSW Bookshop. I notice that they have a newer version of the track diagrams but they are on DVD....and well my computer does not have a DVD player.

    However for the Transport Sydney Trains 2020 project I am now using using track diagrams directly from Transport NSW last updated May 2019 to create the rail network.

    I am currently developing on Trainz A New Era as Trainz 2019 currently costs around $89 Australian and I will wait a bit before buying.

    Will post screenshots of the Transport Sydney Trains 2020 project as it develops under TANA........

    Project Status:

    The Goal : 210 Railway Stations.....447 bridges covering Sydney,Blue Mountains and the Central Coast

    Starting 20/Jul/2019 Rail connection between Chatswood and Hornsby
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