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Thread: K&L Trainz New Cincinnatian E-Spec Release?

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    Default K&L Trainz New Cincinnatian E-Spec Release?

    Hello Trainz community!

    In the past I've heard that K&L Trainz will be updating the E-Spec for their Cincinnatian locomotive. Although it is older, it is still one of my favorite products on the site, being a trainset that my family has come to have known. But when I downloaded the set, I had problems with the locomotive's brakes, which unfortunately don't work well on my train. But I've also heard that the E-Spec will be updated. Does anyone know when the new E-Spec will be released and how to install it onto my locomotive? (Also notify me if it has already been released and I just don't know it.) I will be very thankful for any response I get!

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    Without a registered version of the game showing next to your name, a lot of people will ignore your posts. We have had a lot of trouble with people not having a legal version of the game. You might not have an illegal version, but there is no way for us to know until it shows up next to your name. So I suggest you get that fixed first.

    Older games can be registered here:
    Newer games require you to use the same username and password in game as you use on the forum.

    If you did both things and there is still no game showing next to your name on the forum, contact the Helpdesk. See link at the top of this page.

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