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Thread: Is there a way to change the time and water colour in Trainz Driver 2 surveyor?

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    Default Is there a way to change the time and water colour in Trainz Driver 2 surveyor?

    Title says it all. I need help.
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    I am not familiar with that version but if it is similar to other versions then the time is set in the Quick Drive rule and in the Time and Rate rule. Water colour is a different matter and on TANE and later it is set in the Environment Tools.
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    Jelly_baka, you can change the time both through Quickdrive (just go to Environment in the Quickdrive menu) and through the environment settings in Surveyor (go to “Environment” from the main menu in Surveyor then select “Date and Time”). The time is harder to adjust in Surveyor because it’s a hour hand dial rather than the digital adjustment you can make in Driver. To change the color of the water go to the date and time settings in Surveyor and select the blue box on the lower right hand side. It represents the current color of the water. The three dials in the middle control the levels of red, green and blue. Keep in mind that the color you set will apply to every body of water on your route. Hope that helps.

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