What is the best way to handle Passengers <kuid-3:11061> (obsolete, modified) in TRS19?

I located and installed Passengers <kuid-3:11061> asset (modified, obsolete) into TRS19 and this seems to have taken care of the problem; everything seems fine after installing Passengers <kuid-3:11061> in the TRS19 install where its absence resulted in many faulty assets due to missing Passengers dependencies that should have been alleviated by obsolete tables for Passengers but was not for some reason (?).

TRS19 CM lists over 200 dependents for modified, obsolete Passengers <kuid-3:11061> that are built-in, payware, modified and dls.

The common connection appears to be Base asset Prod Passengers 2012 <kuid-25:1235> as all of these
Passengers <kuid-3:11061> dependents list Prod Passengers 2012 <kuid-25:1235> in dependencies but not Passengers <kuid-3:11061> itself; Passengers <kuid-3:11061> is identified as an asset version of Prod Passengers 2012 <kuid-25:1235>.

As it is a Base asset it has not been modified (that I am aware of) and numerous DBRs and several EDBRs have been performed since the beginning of June when this install was setup.

I have read a few threads attempting to find as much about this here in the forums but would like to ask the question for clarification: what is the best way to deal with Passengers <kuid-3:11061> in TRS19?

I have a backup .cdp of <kuid-3:11061> as it is almost certain that at some point while TRS19 CM database pruning and deleting non-essential obsolete assets that I will accidentally delete this as well.

Thank you very much for any help with this.