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Thread: Trainz Plus Beta 100980 to Trainz Plus Beta 101274

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    One suggestion for improvement I have - I think the Drone camera would be better if it:

    1) Recalls the last position it was in inbetween switching camera modes.
    2) Keeps the same distance from the nearest track segment when the train turns round corners.
    3) Automatically swivels at the same rate as the nearest waggon when it turns around a corner (not necessarily pointed in the same direction as the waggon).

    So basically it is a passenger's eye view (or hanger on!) whos head is being moved and turned by the train, rather than looking at the same spot outside and swaying towards and away from the train as it goes around corners.

    EDIT - in fact just like Cab view but external! But clicking a waggon automaticaly shifts to that waggon.
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    RE USD

    I keep getting ctd's when going from main screen - Routes then to sessions. After clicking on the session to load it in for editing the ctd occurs.

    I have had other instances of ctd's at different times.


    Sorry this should have gone in the USD beta thread - will copy to that thread.
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