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Thread: Using an iPad Mini to read the Forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dinorius_Redundicus View Post
    Ok, the square icon does present some other icons, one of which is the Forums, but several menu items that are on the full site, such as Code of Conduct, Trainz Wiki, Trainz Store and Download Station just don’t come up (or maybe are just well hidden). I do hope your post in the Suggestions forum has some effect. I’m starting to think a formal cry to the Helpdesk might be more directly effective.
    yep... poor implementation of a "mobile version." As far as a cry to the Helpdesk.... go for it! The more that ask the greater the possibility.
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    I honestly have grown to it because as long as I can get to New Posts I am fine. The mobile implementation is confusing and unoptimised, as is the case for most websites/apps including YouTube, Flickr, and even the Google Chrome app at times.
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