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Thread: Corrupted Route

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    Does the route/session show any missing or faulty dependencies in Content Manager?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shaneturner12 View Post
    Does the route/session show any missing or faulty dependencies in Content Manager?

    Nope. Obviously I have a few faulty things downloaded but the things that got deleted were not faulty.

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    Hello OneBigCornFlake,

    What is the Tane Buildnr?

    I have had a problem in Tane with a route ( not original Tane build ). Suddenly only the groundtextures were still visible. Everything else ( road, track, buildings, etc was gone. This was in build 94115 and 94217 - build 94916 ( SP 3 ).

    I contacted the N3V Q&A team and the small route was sent to them. If the Q&A team can reproduce the issue, then a solution is perhaps possible.

    What was the issue with my route? For some unknown reason the assets didn't load for this route. This is a local issue within my Trainz Tane version.

    What did I do to solve it? I checked if this route functioned OK in TS12. It was. So, I opened this route, did a minor change and saved it under a new route name.

    This new route was then installed in Tane and when opening the route in Tane b94916 everthing was visible.

    I don't know if your TS 2 Mac could be the rescue platform, but perhaps you can give it a try with a backup of your route.

    Or, create a new route - merge it with your issue route - save it under a new name and see what happens.

    Kind regards,

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    There is another thing to try which is probably what Kurt's solution probably does as well.

    Create single baseboard blank route.

    Don't put anything on it.

    Merge in your corrupted route.

    This may reset the ground and put things back to normal.
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