First time in the forums and I need to someone shed some light to the issue I'm having with the MARSZ-I Industrial track (All Products available) in T:ANE

Cannot find the right answer with Auran's helpdesk support.

MARSZ-I Industrial track (All Products available) is not completely working. Everything seems to work when setting up the Queue, Process and Products (Setup) but if I try to set-up the TRACK (Load/Unload-products) the products list from this track (Track Tab) products are missing (NO PRODUCTS AT ALL), and I don't really know what's happening. This happens in Surveyor. I don't know how to fix this issue. I also try to place (In surveyor) another Multi-Industrial track, (A NON-MARSZ PRODUCT TRACK) this track does not unload MARSZ products. Unfortunately, the MARSZ-I industrial track (All Products available)KUID2:58223:10179:1 does not load/unload when I setup the products because the products list in the TRACK tab their are missing and I don't understand why.

Is there an update or an alternative to this track -- MARSZ-I Industrial track (All Products available)

Can you help? Does anyone has the same problem?