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Thread: Grazlash's Route Creations, Collaborations and Renovations

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    Default Grazlash's Route Creations, Collaborations and Renovations

    After considerable consideration, soul searching and navel gazing, I've decided to start this thread as a way of consolidating the screenshots from all of my projects.
    I have two main routes of my own that I am working on, VR Goulburn Murray Lines and ARTC NSW Main South - VR North - East. Both are undergoing extensions, renovations and realignments to bring them up to TRS19 standard.
    VR Goulburn Murray Lines v4 will add the branch line from Murchison East to Rushworth and out to Colbinabbin and Stanhope. The route is mainly set in the 1970's 80's with a few exception such as Tocumwal which is of a more modern era.

    T340 leading a local goods, departing Rushworth on the Colbinabbin / Stanhope branch. VR Goulburn Murray Lines v4 WIP

    NR34 & NR51 leading an empty steel train between Seymour and Mangalore at dawn. ARTC NSW Main South - VR North East

    ARTC NSW Main South - VR North East is being extended to the south to take in Seymour township and to the north, adding the section between Bethungra and Cootamundra. The Oaklands line between Benalla and The Rock has been added as well. I've updated textures to PBR and removed the poor performing billboard trees. The track has been updated to procedural track and much realignment and grading has been done to bring the track profile closer to prototypical, but with such a large route there's still much more to do. The Victorian part of the route is set in the 1970's due to the majority of signal diagrams being from that era, while the NSW part of the route is set in the early 2000's for much the same reason.
    I also have two routes which are being produced in a collaboration. NSW Illawarra South Coast, which is in collaboration with Taggy. It is pretty much just scenery for that one. I'm also doing scenery on the Melbourne - Geelong route working with H222 who has done the trackwork. Signalling work is still required on the whole route and a lot of landscaping is needed before each area has scenery applied.

    Oscar set at Austinmer, Illawarra South Coast Route WIP

    VR Harris suburban approaching Newport while a Y class waits its turn with a repaired cars transfer from Newport Workshops to Tottenham yard. Melbourne - Geelong route WIP

    Since the TRS19 Early Access, I have enjoyed route renovations to TRS19 standard, something that is getting easier as more PBR ground textures are produced. In August 2018 I started a thread of lists of quality routes on the DLS in a effort to find more routes to enjoy, as I came late to Trainz, but also to help the new Trainzers coming in. https://forums.auran.com/trainz/show...est-of-the-DLS
    I found that many of the routes in the "Misc" category had great potential for renovation due to the complete lack of speedtrees. These routes are hard to find becuse they do not show up as a route in CM DLS, so I trawled the "Misc" category for routes over 150kb and downloaded a stack of them for testing. Once MSGSapper produced his Truly Seasonal texture series, I set about renovating Morristown & Erie by GFisher to fully seasonal TRS19 standard. The route needed a repair to the config straight off and there were a lot of HOG textures showing, but they also marked where elevations had changed. One section of overhead wiring had also sunk below a bridge, but once the faults were fixed it was fairly straightforward to renovate with textures and trees.






    I'll post some before and after shots of another route renovation next.
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