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Thread: Whitcomb - Baldwin USAF S4 locomotive

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    Default Whitcomb - Baldwin USAF S4 locomotive

    Last year I started to make a Whitcomb locomotive that was in service at the US bases in Spain in the 50s, number 4038.
    These locomotives were also working in Germany.
    The 4038 was sold (unlettered) to a Spanish steel company where it worked until the 90's being left in the factory. Miraculously 3 or 4 years ago the locomotive appeared on a pedestal of a company near Madrid and also repainted.

    The model is not finished and I plan to make 1668 gauge versions, 1435 gauge plus an American version (without buffers). A few screenshots below.



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    You made my day my friend that is a great looking locomotive thank you for your effort....

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    Hi Blue, thanks for your comment.

    I have to add details and change some things; I also need some good "shoes" for standard gauge that are in the DLS because the bogeys that it carries are not exact in that 1435 version, then an image of the American bogey correct in case some partner can tell me.

    Cheers my friend.

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    As far as I could check on the web, all RS4TCs (except 2 testing units) carried "variable, convertible axles and wheels, convertible as standard (56-1/2 inches), 60 inches, 63 inches, or 66 inches gauge." So they should look identically from outside.

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    Hello JAGG, there are really few differences, the old versions of these bogeys use grease boxes in the axles and in later versions are bearing boxes.
    In Trainz and for 1668 (66 inches) there are no bogeys and for standard gauge I saw some of the 2009 or 2010 and I would like to know if there is a more updated version.



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