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Thread: TRS19 Content Fix

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    I had to change accounts to get the SP4 beta to install for TANE.

    Told me there wasn't an update on this account.

    If you read any of my posts properly. You would see that i posted a new thread about the problem in the general forum.

    Including a piccie showing the notification.

    Nearly 18 years i have been buying all the versions of Trainz and still get treated like rubbish.

    Including lately a regional version of TRS and a Gold Membership.

    I own TANE and TRS twice and still do not have access to the TANE support forum.

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    Nearly 18 years i have been buying all the versions of Trainz and still get treated like rubbish.

    So I guess we don't get any points for providing your invitation to the Closed Beta of TRS19, or the many posts made here trying to assist you - that's a shame really

    Perhaps the N3V servers simply don't like your username? (perhaps a joke in bad taste, but surely we get some license to trade barbs?).

    I have triple checked your username and it has TANE and TANE-SP3-beta resources issued. No-one else has reported the issue you are seeing. If you can identify why you can't get the update and an account with identical resources can get the update, then we'll certainly fix the bug.

    Also, you didn't mention if you tried running the patcher directly?

    Tony Hilliam

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    You didn't invite this account you invited IKB. But even there you benefit, because i am giving up my spare time to beta test.

    Yes i enjoy doing it and you have had your money's worth as i first started beta testing with TRS2004.

    No username isn't a joke, that's how i feel about your company. Problem is i do enjoy a lot of the aspects of Trainz.

    But that means i have no choice, i have to deal with you to get support and info.

    No you crack on with the barbs, i have broad shoulders.

    I have no idea why TANE would not update with the lovetrainz username. But did on the very first try when i logged out and then logged in again as IKB.

    I'm not a programmer, all i know is the notification i had in the screenie. The failure to update, either from that prompt or by directly running the patcher.

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    From Post #19 above,

    Checked dozens of times, done a Dos directory list as evoidence!

    G:\Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019\userdata\packages>DIR
    Volume in drive G is Data 4
    Volume Serial Number is 7607-7A50
    Directory of G:\Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019\userdata\packages

    I am still having the problem of the "Fix" showing up every time I start Trainz. I have the TRS19 N American version that I installed shortly before the "Fix" came out. I do not show a \userdata\ folder in my game. I even checked to be sure it is not a hidden directory. So, how do I get rid of this "Fix" package that keeps coming up?

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    torino72 - you will need to check on the Install tab in Trainz Settings to get the location of your 'userdata' folder (it's actually known as a local data folder).

    Shane Turner
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