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I was on the 24/7 server a few times, and was one of a bunch of us who offered to help pay for the server.
I did not see your offer, but i also was not that often playing for myself as work and the newborn require a lot of time at the moment, also a reason to cancel the subscription as I did not really could use it besides a few times.

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I think all of us got a bit put off by some of the issues with the multiplayer state of the game, and I got the impression that until some of the issues were fixed having a persistent server was requiring to many restarts. Issues such as ghost trains, and sync problems. Not to mention the regular/gold/platinum incompatibilities. I would like to see another persistent server, once the money issues are fixed.
I did not hear much about problems with the MP-server, my own experience was that there was far less problems than on a home-hosted session. Maybe the session runtime has been to long as the server ran some times far about a month, so maybe one week runtime and then a restart is a better solution - i don't know. The incompatibilities is a mess, i often complained about it towards Tony, but... no news (afaik).

Of course i would offer myself to host again a 24/7 server, if i do not have to cover the costs all myself, if there are e.g. 10 people sharing the monthly cost, it wold be fine for me to pay a *part* and run the server.
As said, there could run 2 sessions at the same time and there could be session-changes each 2 weeks or so, maybe poll-based.
But as said - only with adequate (finanical) support.

I would like to have a 24/7 server running when I release my Waterloo & City Line update. So users can jump on and off as and when without the need to organise a session.
Maybe in the future...