Hey guys,

to improve Multiplayer experiencing, i'm trying around with a rented dedicated server (in a datacenter) with the goal to run a 24/7 Multiplayer server.

We're trying around now for several days now and besides few connection losses, it seems to work okay.

Currently we're running the (german-themed) route "Schwäninger Land" by Astagos, using the Session "Schwäninger Land Version 0.8 TRS19-Edit) by GnatzED <KUID:830162:975000>

The name of the multiplayer session is "Trainz.DE Dedicated Server Test"

You're invited to join our session to do some further testing and collect experience about long-time sessions. There will be restarts required (especially the first time) to improve the session and fix problems, but the plan is to have sessions running over a far longer time as usual by now.

We mostly communicate via our (Trainz.DE) discord server, feel free to join us https://discord.gg/ePxqCbM (mostly german, but channels in english available)

Regarding the future, i want to try to run a second session on the server as soon as I have another TRS 19 license, maybe there could be an US/AU-themed one then, but this requires further tests.

I hope we can make the multiplayer more popular and make N3V improve it