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Thread: TRS 2019 Intermittently locking up

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    Default TRS 2019 Intermittently locking up

    I am helping my son run TRS 2019 on a fresh install on a brand new computer running on an SSD. Everything has ran smooth on the install and he has only started stock layouts with stock engines / cars. However, repeatedly after about 10-15 min of switching camera views and watching the train, the application locks up and the only way we can get out of the application is to kill the app through task manager. We are running Windows 10 on a NVidia 1060 with 6GB RAM and on High settings (not Ultra) and the video is as smooth as silk up until it locks up. I checked the application logs on the PC and I don't see anything that stands out as a potential cause.

    Any idea what could be causing this or what I should look for? I always place the antivirus on 'quite' mode and deactivate all scanning and firewalls while playing.

    I appreciate any help or guidance.


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    Welcome to the forums...

    You took care of the 'easy stuff' to check!

    What content is he using?

    Did this happen right away, or after downloading from the DLS?

    Have you tried a database repair?
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    Also if you have updated to the beta version, check that an assertion message hasn't appeared. If it has, click Continue (or Ignore) and it will allow the game to continue.
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