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    Default Westwood City

    Just submitted for upload to the DLS. Further info and screenshots at Train Sim Dev (hopefully visible to all):


    Route is for TRS2019 only (sorry). Note S&C DLC Download will be required for several assets.

    Separate session called "Several Laps" included to demo the layout.
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    Hi Vern,

    I just downloaded your Westwood City route, and have one missing dependency in the session, and 20 in the route! I noticed that you said I would need the S&C DLC Download to use your route. I can do that, but are there any dependencies from any of the additional routes available in TRS19? Right now, I just have the basic download, which includes only KS2. Thanks.

    Bob Morrison

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    Possibly something from the other routes Robert, any chance you can post the KUID's. Certainly the only components used were either built in, the basic DLC provided with the standard (£55) download version or from the DLS. Plus the S&C and the Russian Mosti route - but don't think I used anything from the latter.

    This is the huge peril of N3V not having any discipline imposed on those supplying DLC content to distinguish the items so they can be avoided or excluded from the list when choosing items for your own route.
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    Here you go:

    From the Session


    From the Layout


    Thanks for your help.


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    From the Session

    < kuid2:44090:1041:43> Fowler 3F Jinty loco - shown as payware, probably S&C.

    From the Layout

    < kuid2:425700:100786:2> One of clam1952 trees - on the DLS.
    < kuid:661281:85186> Auran PBR texture - installed as payware in content manager, must be from one of the included routes.
    < kuid:661281:85139> As above.
    < kuid2:147772:99996:1> Streetlamp by fourjays5000 - on the DLS.
    < kuid2:661281:44310:1> Built in Auran bush spline.
    < kuid2:425700:100781:1> Another clam1952 tree - on the DLS.
    < kuid2:240029:100077:2> Town house spline by Mick berg. Built in. probably from the ECML route.
    < kuid:-1:78031> S&C 1960's region settings - from the S&C payware.
    < kuid2:425700:100569:2> Another clam1952 tree - on the DLS.
    < kuid:103475:37017> VR stockyard fence, probably from the Oz route that shipped with TANE and carried over to TRS2019.
    < kuid2:84609:28425:1> Installed payware vehicle from kemplen (probably off the S&C or the ECML).
    < kuid2:84609:28560:3> As above.
    < kuid2:84609:28587:3> As above
    < kuid2:425700:100780:1> clam1952 tree.
    < kuid2:425700:1196:2> clam1952 tree.
    < kuid2:30671:27361:1> PL coaling point. Installed as payware, most likely from one of the supplied routes or carried over from TANE.
    < kuid2:84609:28411:2> As above from kemplen.
    < kuid2:133671:11025:1> Built in terrace housing spline.
    < kuid2:4468:24101:2> LMS Tall sempaphore signal - built in.
    < kuid2:124017:20117:3> Loading platform - built in.

    Sorry to say this but it seems if you are missing the above items there is either something seriously wrong with your TRS2019 install or CMP failed to acquire the required items. Suggest in the first instance you check all your DLC including the stuff from TANE is installed, then call my route up in CMP, RMB the select show dependencies, select all of them and download. Finally, do a full database rebuild. beyond that I really cannot help you.
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