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Thread: Payware steam locomotives

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    K&L makes great locos and their promo videos are highly entertaining.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TINE View Post
    Beware, some of the "promo" videos(perhaps all) have fake engine audio that was ripped from real steam engine video and dubbed over the game audio. You can even hear the people using their real cameras (the beep cameras make when they take a shot)
    "One has to be a little careful that one does't bite the hand that feeds one"!!!

    I for one, are very grateful for all quality freeware content, especially good quality steam loco's. K&L's are right up there...

    Cheers, Mac...
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    I would also agree with these two statement
    I wish there was a way to "like" a post on these forums. This was a really well thought-out and well-written response!
    Thanks for all you do for us. I have never had any complaints about any K & L Trainz product.
    But I take exception to your example of the fake video { REALLY } . It was meant as a reaction of a event , portrayed in the SIM as the actual event . With a brief history and introduction to the work . { Kinda like trainz dose all the time } Nothing in that video has been changed as to the Detail , performance or sound of the Steam Engine shown or even the cars shown .

    Your post shows me your ignorance of whats been recreated as to sound used in the sim , or any simulation .


    work hard, Play harder

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    Quote Originally Posted by meatloaf747 View Post
    "One has to be a little careful that one doesn't bite the hand that feeds one"!!!
    I feed myself.

    Quote Originally Posted by stevelerro View Post
    Couple things. Adding camera clicks and footsteps is not false advertising. It's called adding ambient background sounds, none of which are related to the model being sold. Are you going to claim false advertisement because the narration and music in my promos aren't from the game also? It's a production, not a simple screen capture. Everyone knows there is editing involved. Heck, look at the cover the game! If the sounds of my engines couldn't be replicated in the game, i'm sure ONE person out of the thousands of people who have bought my products would have mentioned it at some point in the past 7 years. But no one has, probably because the sounds of the engines in the videos are the sounds my engines come with when you buy one. If you think I literally took 30 and 40 second audio clips and just pasted them over my video, you're 100% wrong. You're claims of "false advertisement" are completely unwarranted and unnecessary.

    Are you saying that the video has NO dubbed steam engine sounds? And that all sounds that sound like steam engines, chugging, whistles, ALL the engines make in the video are, FROM THE GAME ONLY?

    Then congrats you have some quality sounds. You should be proud. However I still don't get why the ad has engine sounds that are different throughout the video. Your different speed sounds must have big differences between them.
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