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Thread: Changing World Origin Altitude - a question

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    Question Changing World Origin Altitude - a question

    Hello all,
    I've encountered the previously-discussed height ceiling/maximum in Surveyor and am looking to circumvent it on a mountainous route project. I'm at a point where the DEM has already been imported to Trainz and largely detailed, so I'd rather have a workaround in-game as opposed to redoing the DEM.

    I understand the total maximum range of -3000m to 3000m, a total of 6000m. I've done some reading in past threads, and so far as I can tell, I should be able to raise the world altitude.
    As I understand it, raising the world origin altitude by 100m would then change my buildable range to be -2900m to 3100m. The route in question is high in elevation with no deep canyons, so I really do not need to go far below sea level, if at all. I'm using the World Origin tool for the first time, so I hope I'm just using it incorrectly and that bumping the altitude is indeed possible.

    I've opened up the World Origin panel and typed "100m" in the altitude box, closed the window, and even checked the value in the config to make sure it took.
    Back in Trainz, I am still unable to modify the [already-created] terrain above 3000m; when I go to adjust it, it automatically drops flat to 3000m.
    Am I missing something, or is this just not possible? To reiterate, I am not trying to increase the modifiable range to be greater than 6000m; instead, I'm trying to shift where that "6000m" is centered around.

    This post is one that I have referenced:

    Quote Originally Posted by WindWalkr View Post
    If you declare that the origin is at ~3k altitude, then your upper bound would be 6k+ altitude and your lower bound would be around sea level. Which is enough to model pretty much any railway, although some of the highest mountains in the world will be just out of the range. Alternatively, you could get the very tops of the mountains but not sea level.

    Perhaps Chris or someone else can assist? Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Knifeswitch
    The value shown in the terrain tools will not change, as this is relative to the 'origin' point within the route (ie the default 0m).

    As such, changing the world-origin will change how other functions interact with the world (from memory, the primary change would be the handling of the snow-line), but topology tools will not change their shown values.

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