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Thread: Locomotive Shed in Kickstarter 2

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    Default Locomotive Shed in Kickstarter 2

    Asking rhetorically...... Why does the 4 bay loco shed in KS2 not get any love? No power in it, no power around it. Not used in any of the three sessions. There it sits. Stark and bare. Not shown on the map. Not a destination. Not deserving of being a Named Object.

    And strangely, when in Driver, if you right click the train shed "more info" says that its Ontrack Printing and is "able to operate" when clearly it is not a part of the real Ontrack Printing (and working as such) across the track.

    The shed that's not a shed.... alas... all glory goes to the Roundhouses......

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    Wow,,,,How sad, an unused, unloved Shed on the RR ........Guess it wasn't in the plans, but nothing says, you can't round up some appropriate Power and park for the night?

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