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Thread: Has N3V put all of the TS2012 Built-In contents on the DLS yet?

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    Wink Has N3V put all of the TS2012 Built-In contents on the DLS yet?

    Has N3V put all of TS2012 Built-In contents on the DLS yet? (I apologizes if someone has already asked this question in the forum and I have missed it)

    Cheers, Mac...

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    I don't think so - some of the built in level crossings from the Russian route never made it under the original name, possibly other Russian/Ukrainian assets too.
    Digging away in MSTS & TANE...

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    The old power station from TRS2004 is missing,

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    Just feeding a bit of info to trainz members concerned about the missing kuids issue (as above) with TS 12 dependencies.
    There are a few missing assets that are only supplied with the latest Trainz 12 service pack 1 upgrade to 3.7 build 61388.
    Others are found in older Trainz pack versions.

    For example:
    I received this personal message when uploading a layout.
    Content: Australian Model Railway Layout 2 <KUID:102457:100244>
    This report lists your content that has dependencies which are not currently on the Download Station:

    - <KUID2:30501:1001:1>
    - <KUID2:3801:21998:1>

    - <KUID2:487560:26010:1>

    - <KUID2:64038:39088:2>
    - <KUID2:9:35004:1>

    - <KUID2:523:1045:1>
    - <KUID2:523:10872:1>
    - <KUID2:523:1093:1>
    - <KUID2:523:1102:1>
    - <KUID2:523:1103:1>
    - <KUID2:523:1104:1>
    - <KUID2:523:1105:1>
    - <KUID2:523:1106:1>
    - <KUID2:523:1112:1>
    - <KUID2:523:1120:1>
    - <KUID2:523:1132:1>
    - <KUID2:523:1134:1>
    - <KUID2:523:1161:1>
    - <KUID2:523:1190:1>
    - <KUID2:523:1191:1>
    - <KUID2:523:1199:1>
    - <KUID2:523:1284:1>
    - <KUID2:523:1289:1>
    - <KUID2:523:1306:1>
    - <KUID2:523:1324:1>
    - <KUID2:523:1403:1>
    - <KUID2:523:1404:1>
    - <KUID2:523:1590:1>
    - <KUID2:523:1597:1>
    - <KUID2:523:1598:1>
    - <KUID2:523:1599:1>
    - <KUID2:523:1609:1>
    - <KUID2:523:166127:1>
    - <KUID2:60238:37038:2>

    Some missing assets do appear in the British ECML and American routes that comes with the TS 12 but not on the DLS.
    Rob's missing trees (as above) are in the service pack update.
    If you type in a missing kuid on the internet it is amazing where you can find them if they are 3rd party created.

    All this old stuff now making way for the new TRS 2019 version.
    Mike Davies
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