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Thread: My TRS19 U.S. Standard Gauge Procedural Track Project

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    I continue to get reports of problems with the moire effect but after doing some research have begun to realize that this may not be an issue with the track so much as an issue with TRS19 handling of parallax PBR textures, which my track uses. I searched the forums using the keyword moire and came up with a number of forum posts dating back to well before my release of my track where other track and content items using PBR parallax textures exhibited this same effect. As an example see this forum post:


    What was interesting about that post is that the moire effect apparently went away when a TANE procedural track was placed nearby the TRS19 track. Here is the image from that post:

    I would really like to see this issue resolved once and for all for my new TRS19 procedural track but at this point I think it will most likely need to be resolved by N3V, unless someone can furnish additional technical information on how to resolve it.

    I am very reluctant to tamper with my TRS19 track because it was so difficult to create it in the first place, as achieving the right balance in height between the ballast, track, ties and other items proved surprisingly hard to get done in order to use a PBR parallax texture and to keep PBR parallax ground textures from poking up through the ballast and ties.

    Also according to another post the moire effect was much less apparent in driver then it was in surveyor. I will say that on my system the moire effect has not been that bothersome of an issue, especially in driver.

    Here is a screenshot of the graphics settings i Use on my TRS19 (1920x1080 144hz no vertical sync) with my EVGA 1080 graphics card:

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