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    So, I am probably asking the impossible here. Unfortunately for some bizarre reason, like lack of attention, I started a new route (just a single baseboard) for a route out of New Plymouth, NZ. Major problem is I have north facing west!!!!!!! Is there any way to turn it 90 degrees, or copy it onto a new baseboard, or do I have to start from scratch?
    PS, I should mention this is T:ANE SP3
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    Unfortunately I'm not aware of any method of rotating a baseboard so it may be a case of rebuilding. You could try merging onto a new route and seeing if that helps though.

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    You can copy the one baseboard, rotate that 90 degrees and paste it on a new baseboard.

    In surveyor, press F5 (Tools tab).
    Click "Select area" (or press B).
    Select the area.
    Click on "Paste mode" (or press P).
    Rotate (click on that compass thingie).
    Take some time to be 100% sure your paste area is on top of the new baseboard.
    Click on your mouse.
    Go get yourself a coffee as for some reason copy-paste takes forever and TANE (or at least SP1) freezes till the process is done. Patience is key; try breathing exercises or something similar.

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