Tried the F1 + X. certainly easier than the way I was doing it, but no time difference noted. Let me explain what I did and what I noyiced, and then hopefully someone will tell me that it is normal or how to fix it if not.

I made a new layout. 3 bases big. Lots of track on the layout, some roads, some animated buildings, several hundred trees. I continually saved my progress, even amid several lockups and having to reboot. When finished, from choosing to edit the scenario to when it actually appeared on screen: about 8 seconds. Exited game, exited Windows and went into Linux. Back to Windows, back to game, chose to edit scenario: about 8 seconds until scenario appeared on screen. Did this a couple more times: always the same. Then I added 6 locomotives and about 150 cars to the scenario. Saved. Clicked on icon to drive. Almost 8 minutes for screen to appear. Once it appeared, everything ran just fine. Exited game and went back in. Still 8 minutes. Obviously, adding cars and / or locomotives made the difference, but why?

Am I missing something or is this to be considered normal?

Thank in advance!