Hi all,

I've been at work on the BC&SJ doing some scene detailing heading east out of Junction City toward Bear Creek since I posted the thread Junction City is taking shape on the BC&SJ.

I got almost 3 miles of track and surroundings detailed. Here are some screen shots of the results (which I thought turned out fairly well)

Train 202 has just left Junction City (visible in the background)

Shortly after the previous shot...

Lower Bear Creek in the foreground as 201 passes an abandoned barn...

Bear Creek (the creek, not the town!) and the tracks have been gaining elevation as our train proceeds railroad east.

Trains and road parallel the creek here. I'm still trying to figure out how to make realistic rapids. The animated water fall just doesn't cut it from a realism perspective. I'm trying to use rocks to model an area where the water rapidly changes elevation. An alternative would be to try spline-based water which I'm trying up in the mountains. However, I've not made enough progress there for a verdict, yet.

Another angle of the previous shot (is using the 'pause' key cheating for taking multiple shots of the same scene?

Looking from the four-corners in pretty much the middle of nowhere (but with cafe and gas station) toward a grade crossing. I'm staggered by how much traffic appears on roads in TRAINZ. Is there a way to reduce the number of vehicles spawned? (I'd also like to eliminate certain vehicles - the '59 caddie in freakomatic green and the garbage truck!) I actually managed to get the gates to close and the traffic to stop (and looking over the tender I can see there's a LOT of stopped traffic on the other side of the tracks!)

200 is crossing over a tributary creek here...

I dunno about you guys, but I think wide open vistas of a train with the scenery seeming to extend forever behind it are really cool!

A big problem with this scene is that when driving past it, there are so many cows that their "moos" overlap each other and apparently overwhelm the audio drivers in TRAINZ resulting in a bunch of "clicks" when a "moo" is aborted. Bad "moos" indeed...

I guess that's about it for now. The scene detailing didn't get to Bear Creek, but it did make it about half way. Of course Bear Creek itself is still very much under construction - the yard tracks aren't even in place yet and the major TerraForming [tm] ain't done either.

Hopefully I'll have more screen shots in a few more days (daze).