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Thread: Great Northern Empire Builder Consist?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JCitron View Post
    I can't help you with the smoke-thing. There's always been an issue with smoke-things in Trainz. PEV's Images2TGA won't fix these because they are faults in the config.txt file and not with actual images:

    Open that asset up for edit in Explorer.

    Edit the config.txt file and remove the line

    icon-texture "icon0.tga".

    Remove the line enable-pfx-collisions

    Once these lines are removed from the config.txt file, save.
    Close Notepad.
    Close the folder.

    Back in Content Manager, right-click on the asset that's open for edit (shows a wrench in bold), and choose Commit. (Pressing CTRL+M at the same time with the asset highlighted will do the same thing).

    Thanks John! Followed your instructions and got all the affected head-end cars to work. Thanks heaps mate... and now I'm a little richer too now that I know how to fix errors myself. Wasn't confident at all despite all my years of Trainz since '03.

    Really appreciate it.

    I tried to edit the EB Full Dome's in Explorer too to see if I could remove the small puffs of smoke coming from the roof, but no luck. Seems that the smoke is officially part of the asset.

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