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    Question Multiplayer Session

    Just got in a session last night to try out, and before I new it two other guys jumped in. We were in the Canadian Rocky Mountains- Golden,BC. We were having fun and my game crashed to the desk top. I got out and did a database repair and tried to get back in, but it was like I was starting a new game, couldn't get back to them. I started the game so when my game crashed to desk top, I dont know if it knocked them out of the game at the same time. I would like to know when you pick a loco is there a way to find out what your supposed to do, especially when you pick a loco by it self. Am going to try again tonight around 9:00 PM if anyone wants to try and give it a go. razor01 was in the game with me and someone eals cant remember who it was.

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    Yes they where knoked out of the game when yours crashed. You where the one that had the master game. If you had joined and other ones game and you crashed you could get right back in.
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    I plan to buy Trainz 19 on Christmas and am interested in joining a multiplayer session then. Hopefully the crash is a one-time thing.

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