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Thread: TRS19 - ECML Edinburgh - Dundee 1976 - OFFICIAL

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    Default TRS19 - ECML Edinburgh - Dundee 1976 - OFFICIAL

    Welcome to this ECML thread

    My name is Stuart and at one time the project leader producing the East Coast Main Line from London to Scotland. In recent years I am now the only person building and updating the route in my own time which has always been the case. I'm also busy as a board member of the Deltic Preservation Society looking after the locomotives with the job title presently of Locomotive Manager of 55019.

    The route to Dundee based around the mid 70's was mainly built by Michael and Andrew Carpenter. Areas like Edinburgh and Markinch were developed by Tony - tmz06003 with substantial amount of custom built buildings.

    Included with the Dundee route are two new Deltics with scripted exhausts. Being twin engined, the second engine sits at idling until the power handle is on notch 7. New engine sounds included are recorded by myself while driving 55019. There are bass sounds which for those with a subwoofer should bring a more realistic sound.

    Presently I'm looking for additional help in managing both the Dundee and the Kings Cross - Edinburgh route. PBR textures with four seasons and the additional snowline are at the top of the list.

    This thread is to allow all TRS19 owners to stay up-to-date with any updates for this route. Feel free to leave comments about the route to help shape the direction of the route updates.


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    Why isn't this section able to merge with Kings X - Edinburgh ?

    So that we have a complete single route.


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