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Thread: Catenary Spline ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by clam1952 View Post
    For a simple height measure you could use this <kuid2:46819:214663:1> JS Height Gauge, note though that's height above terrain and not relevant for spline points which you can measure using the advanced section of the spline tab.
    Thank you, I tried doing it through the advanced get vertex height but when i set all the spline points to the same height using that it didnt set it right, some were smaller then others probably because of terrain difference in height.

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    Quote Originally Posted by llebrez View Post
    I use KUID:2:41462:23996:1 Because it is white, is easy to see the black or dark wire. Use <control> with spline height for fine adjustment. The most tricky part is to install catenary splines high on a bridge and in a slope, but it can be done using all the resources available. If you really want to see a pantograph loco without having to go to driver, use a loco that has the pantograph extended by default. At least there is one made by Mistral 69, I think KUID:548299:734 or 767 or 676 (one of them has it). The contact area matches the white tool above.
    kuid2:41462:23996:1 is a height tool it says and do you know the name of the locomotive from Mistral69 because the Kuid nr doesnt get me anywhere and on the site from Mistral it doesnt list kuid nrs just names
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