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Thread: Hardware upgrades

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    Default Hardware upgrades

    Howdy all, Ive been a trainzer for a long time and am just now getting around to making my PC run the game better. I just bought TRS19 and have decided I want a little better performance so I can correctly utilize the updated graphics. Only problem is, I honestly have no clue how to go about doing this kinda stuff. Give me a small block Chevrolet and I can get it running easy, but computer stuff is just beyond me. So Id like to learn a bit.

    Here are my spec for my rig:
    ASUS G20AJ

    Intel Core i5-4460 CPU@3.20GHz

    8 gigs of ram

    64bit operating system

    Chip Type: GeForce GTX750
    DAC Type: Integrated RAMDAC

    Total Available Graphics Memory: 6116MB
    Dedicated Video Memory: 2048MB
    System Video memory: 0mb
    Shared System Memory: 4068MB

    So everyone, any suggestions?
    Finally back to playing with Trainz after a few years being without a decent rig...

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    "The key point here is many small form factor PCs keep their size to a minimum by limiting the amount of heat they produce."

    "No doubt it is theoretically possible to upgrade the GTX 970 graphics card at some point in the future but it looks like a fair amount of hard work and it probably makes better sense to treat the G20AJ as a sealed unit."

    I think the saying is it's easier to get there if you don't start from here. It did have a number of options one of which might offer an upgrade path but I'd be very wary on this one.

    https://www.dellrefurbished.com/comp...rand=375%2C374 offers a 6 or 8 core XEON off lease with plenty of room and cooling for a decent graphics card and a solid power supply. You should be able to upgrade them to win 10 for free have a dig round the internet on how to do that.

    The tower case is fairly large.

    Cheerio John

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    Think the problem with that ASUS is it has an power adapter which may limit what you can upgrade to, although there are G20AJs with i7s and GTX980s etc.

    Looking at the web it will take a GTX1060 but requires both the 180Watt and 230Watt adapters to both be plugged in.

    Place to ask would be on the Asus Rog forum https://rog.asus.com/forum/forumdisp...ROG-Discussion Just search for ASUS G20AJ seems to be quite a bit about upgrading GPUs.

    Also you need to make sure any new GPU will actually fit as there isn't much room.

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