We have several users who email us for login support but have un-replyable email addresses as their return email address. We obviously cant reply to something we have a bad email address for. It seems like Outlook is masking the email and just gives us a reply to of some junk @outlook.com

Also if you don't supply your username or name in your email we cant help you even if you do send us email from a bad email address. We have one person in particular that keeps emailing us for login support but supplies no information about themselves, first name, last name, username, nothing on a constant basis. We don't know who you are, so we cant help you! We would love to help but we cant figure out who you are!

If you think this may be you, please email us and supply us with some information we can actually reply to you and please be clear of any problems you may or may not be having when contacting us for support for anything in general.