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Thread: Halloween scenery questions

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    Question Halloween scenery questions

    Who here has actually tried to model Halloween-themed scenery on any Trainz layout?
    Please share your "Great Pumpkin" ideas if you have them.
    I do have scarecrows in the cornfield of John Boone's farm on my model layout.
    There is also a creepy Bigfoot figure in my layout forest.

    About people in telephone booths. Should they be positioned inside the booth so there are standing perfectly centered inside facing toward the telephone? Should I leave them out of the phone booth altogether since there is no available human figure content holding a receiver in their hands?

    Does my phone booth look wonky right outside the little train station with a Greyhound stop right by it?

    PS- I made a modified sound object of a ringing telephone that I buried underground near the booth. I could have a person outside the booth looking at it as if he is about to go inside and answer the phone.

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    Do what you want with imagination.

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    Well there's a morbid holiday gone, until next year

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