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We also have an interface issue which really, really needs to be addressed with both the route building and session editing working exactly the same. Session editing, while it could be in a similar interface, should disable certain aspects that are only available in the route-editor such as adjusting track, placing track-objects, and other things that should only be done in the route. These changes would definitely help the disparity we have between routes, sessions, route-layers, and session-layers.

Over the past several years since layers were introduced, we have spent countless hours sorting out and resolving layer-related and session versus route problems. It's about time that this issue is addressed.
Good points but we must be careful not to make things more difficult while attempting to eliminate the current confusion. The often requested but simple (to my mind) step of naming the active layer in the menu bar would solve some of these issues. The Layers Tool flyout does have a button that will lock all route layers and more use should be made of this - perhaps it should be locked by default when you load a session into Surveyor and that will still leave you with the ability to unlock it if needed.

I can see many complaints coming if you can only edit the route layers if you load a route without loading one of its sessions.