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    I've come to expect more TRS2019 than TANE content in the newsletter.

    This week you hit a new low.

    Every week you announce the Screenshot Competition winners but this week it was just a limp..


    Enjoy this selection of screenshots beginning with TANE vs TRS19 comparison sliders,
    plus images from the various Trainz forums.

    No mention of the competition winners.

    Is it becausethe winner and most runner-ups were made in TANE?

    If not, so why the change from the usual format.?


    Seems also to be a coincidence that you are now offering a financial reward for TANE vs TRS2019 screenshots.

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    This is not the normal screenshot site.

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    It is the normal forum thread for commenting on the newsletter though. What surprised me in the screenshots section of the newsletter was the shot on the lower left. They cropped the picture.
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    Some answers to your comments...

    There is a script that crops and prepares the shots - it doesn’t always make the best decisions.

    Winners are named in the forum thread (often after the newsletter is released). We have been selecting the top listed shots without naming the winner for some time. Nothing at all to do with which version of Trainz the shot is taken in. The segment in the newsletter is more about showcasing the diversity of Trainz.

    Financial rewards (actually a prize) for the extra effort of preparing three shots will hopefully entice a number of quality entries in not the competition These entries will assist us in promoting TRS19 which in turn will ensure that Trainz continues to prosper. The ongoing support for all versions of Trainz depends on the success of TRS19.
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    That slider just seems totally bogus. TS2019 looks better because you added rolling stock? I can do that in T:ANE.... Nice to see half a picture of T:ANE in the newsletter anyway, but I guess that's to be expected. The big sales push is now TS2019.... And of course let's have a contest that only TS2019 early adapters can enter....
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