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Thread: Error: 'Unable to link compiled script class.'

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    Default Error: 'Unable to link compiled script class.'

    So, the JR stuff was (sorta) working fine for me, then Content Manager does a database repair and then this error comes up, making my trains move to the dreaded 'hidden layer'.

    Now, I have absolutely no idea how to fix this error. Does anyone have the slightest clue as to what I could do?
    Or if I can just replace something?

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    A 10-second search of the Forum found this from JR;

    1. make sure trainz is shut down.

    2. go to userdata/cache/libraries. clear the entire folder.

    3. start trainz launcher and then cmp

    4. re-validate by viewing errors and warnings if needed.

    All errors should be gone. This is caused by an out-of-date cache.

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    Thanks, That seems to have fixed it.

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