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Thread: Pennsylvania & Berwind Content Pack

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    Quote Originally Posted by bnsfc View Post
    I haven't played the route much, but I keep running into a problem ive seen a little bit on the tidewater route, phantom railcars!

    On the map there is 3 cars between the center beams and tankers, but in game there is just void. when I tried to pull the consist, it wouldn't budge. There is an AI train a little down the track with 4 jeeps but 0 cars, yet on the map its a massive consist, and it cant move either. The game claims there are no missing dependency's, and nothing seems to be open for edit, but I don't know what car isn't showing up and I've yet to find one that's open for edit (if that's even the cause). Thoughts?
    I do not know if this can help, but if you delete all trains from that region and use the "find object" tool, you can find the wagons of the remaining train that has the "ghost" effect, because physically the wagons are on the train ... it's a attempt...

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    I have a question on the Mill Creek session. I'm not too clear on the exact sequence of picking up and dropping off once you reach the coal mine. Should yuou pull the loaded cars then drop the empties? If so do you pull the front two cuts first. Also, how should you distribute the empties?
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