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Thread: Odd ground texture action -> TRS19 96000+

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    Default Odd ground texture action -> TRS19 96000+


    This occurs with some ground textures on all tracks I tested (TANE 1Trk Wood, my tracks, and many more as on the following picture). Innitialy I thought this occurs with ground textures with detailed maps but no. It occurs with new and old textures. Is this just because TRS19 is still in development? CAn anybody answer me this question here? My only one observation is it happens when a texture (while painted) causes the ground to collapse a bit. And it doesn't mean one texture ALWAYS colapses the ground. No one of my textures I've tried once does it and the other time - no. Perhaps it is important - the effect takes place on the edge of painted texture and has a shape of the 10m square.

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    I've mostly seen this error only with PBR textures, strange that it's happening to older textures. From what I've seen the newer textures do alter the ground height depending on the height map. One way I've worked around this is by completely painting around the glitching areas.

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    You have a sample scene for testing this?

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    No, I haven’t. I consider it ‚in development’ but it is a problem so I’ve decided to share my concerns.

    a, the most important thing it is present in 96000 and the latest beta, too
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    I posted something about this back in the early-release and was told to use the PBR textures.

    I said the PBR textures look nice, but they present another problem, which is they get a cover on them that looks like glass, but that was ignored.

    Something here isn't right and it needs to be addressed rather than ignored, which it seems to be.
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