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Thread: [NBSPlus] Project X19: Work in progress (large images)

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    Default [NBSPlus] Project X19: Work in progress (large images)


    For the production of further routes in TRS19 I'm currently trying out the new technologies in route design and getting used to them. For that, a older and outdated route by another author was used as I did not want to bother building a new route from ground up for the experiments, and rather start a new realistic route later when I've gotten used more to the new options. Besides that, all new stuff you can see "looking nice" was done by me. I might add comparison pics another day. Its uncertain if or when this version of the route will see a release. I've got an idea how it might be possible but I will see that later when it has proceeded further. Because of that I will just refer to it as "Project X19" for now too.

    That said, I don't want to withold those pictures from you any longer after the great feedback I already recieved on multiple Trainz discords and the german trainz forums. As this is work in progress, any feedback from you is appreciated to be used for later projects.

    I hope you enjoy
    Greets, Mika
    German route builder.

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    Looking very nice.

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