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    Hi all.

    I was wondering if anyone can help me. I am looking for early ATSF GP7 or GP9s in the zebra paintscheme of the 1950s. I have looked on the DLS and there are later blue and yellow units. Does anybody know of any existing.

    Many thanks

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    Oh man, I have never seen one of those for Trainz. Real models, yes, but not for Trainz. I don't think Trainz Forge has one either. If they did it would probably be an RS-15 though.
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    There was one as freeware on the now defunct VMD site, you might be able to get it using the wayback machine.

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    It does show up on wayback in 2012 and 2013, but the download does not work. The only link it found for the actual .rar file was may 9, 2016, which is odd, because the only archive it shows on the calendar is for May 7, 2016. But whether you try the link to May 9 it finds, or try to go to May 7th, you get the same php error, and it never gets there. Too bad....
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