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Thread: Trainz and "Gameplay" - Feedback thread

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    Default Trainz and "Gameplay" - Feedback thread

    We know that many Trainz fans spend a lot of time in Surveyor, and their time in Driver is limited to testing their creations. However, we know that many of you spend the majority of your time in Driver.

    Rather than run a survey, we wanted to start a discussion thread to hear all about your "gameplay" preferences in Trainz. By gameplay, we mean interacting with a train, or multiple trains in Driver.

    Some things to discuss include:
    • Is there a particular built-in session that you like? (and what makes this one special?)
    • Is there a session on the DLS that you enjoy?
    • If you create your own sessions, what is a typical set-up? (e.g. do you use navigation points?)
    • Do you only ever drive a single train or do you like to jump from one to another?
    • Do you use CMTM (Car Movement and Traffic Management System) ? Or perhaps model railroad card systems?
    • Are there certain rules that you use when making your own gameplay?
    • How do you use commodities in your sessions?
    • Do you only use Quickdrive? (and why?)
    • How much AI traffic do you like in your sessions?
    • Have you tried multiplayer? (What did you like/dislike?)
    • Anything else you'd like to throw in to the discussion.

    So don't be shy - we'd love to hear all the different ways people enjoy Trainz - and feel free to expand on any of the suggested topics or introduce new ones.
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