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We know that many Trainz fans spend a lot of time in Surveyor, and their time in Driver is limited to testing their creations. However, we know that many of you spend the majority of your time in Driver.

Rather than run a survey, we wanted to start a discussion thread to hear all about your "gameplay" preferences in Trainz. By gameplay, we mean interacting with a train, or multiple trains in Driver.

Some things to discuss include:
  • Is there a particular built-in session that you like? (and what makes this one special?)
  • Is there a session on the DLS that you enjoy?
  • If you create your own sessions, what is a typical set-up? (e.g. do you use navigation points?)
  • Do you only ever drive a single train or do you like to jump from one to another?
  • Do you use CMTM (Car Movement and Traffic Management System) ? Or perhaps model railroad card systems?
  • Are there certain rules that you use when making your own gameplay?
  • How do you use commodities in your sessions?
  • Do you only use Quickdrive? (and why?)
  • How much AI traffic do you like in your sessions?
  • Have you tried multiplayer? (What did you like/dislike?)
  • Anything else you'd like to throw in to the discussion.

So don't be shy - we'd love to hear all the different ways people enjoy Trainz - and feel free to expand on any of the suggested topics or introduce new ones.
1. Hard to say. I play the buildins from time to time when I'm bored. I think my favourites so far are the Rocky Mountaineer Driver session (because the route and the train are showing off TRS19 very well) and on the second spot Dispatchin the Action, because the concept is quite different of the rest of the sessions and watching the AI drive is sometimes fun as well.
The route of which sessions I enjoyed most so far happens to not be buildin though, its the Andrushivka - Vinnitsa DLC route (the one DLC that I can actually recommend to others)

2. Man, there must be so many sessions hiding from my view out there... I would defently play more from the DLS if only there would be a filter to find sessions for a route

3. Depends who they are for. I know how to add navigation points and as my sessions despite being usually written in german (as I release them on the german community forums usually) are played by some non german users as well for which the navpoints provide all nessescary info, so I use them more.
I'm trying to fit all sessions with announcements from the train info system or train radio with the dispatcher where suitable, which seems to be a pretty rare thing nowadays...

4. Depends on my mood and the session I'm playing. Sometimes I like to drive one train, other times I enjoy dispatching the AI. I also like sessions where I just program the AI and watch them go like on a digital model railroad. Sadly doing such AI progamming well takes a lot of time and testing that takes even more time, more often than not you have to use your hands aka the train tab to fix stuff just like on a real model railroad... Its a nice contrast to my H0 layout which is analog and unable to do this at much lower room and train cost inside the game, although I could probably form a good 20 trains out of the vehicles I have in real life as well...

5. Never heard of it, should probably check it out...

6. Well, the important ones, speed check, variable stuff where applicable, set junction, set camera... Nothing outstanding there... However I started discovering a entirely new way of using check turnout alignments and a endlessly repeating ordered list to make clickable buttons on the layout out of junctions...

7. Again, this depends on the session type. In terms of a normal "drive from A to be, couple, drive to C" style session its usually a pain of filling up all wagons one by one so the trains are not empty (and relying on the load train command to do a good job is also always a game of randomness to what comes out at the end). But if its a multiplayer session which is heavily based around keeping the industry system running, it must all be thought out so that theres never too much, never to few of a commodity, balanced amounts of wagons at any spot so that no one hour long setup of trains is required when the session is started etc etc.

8. Quickdrive is good for testing a route and driving over it. The downside of this is that the routes are usually empty and placing rolling stock in QD is always bad, as I can't reuse it later as I can with a fully grown session. So if I want routes to not be dead I usually go the extra way over having a session which also allows me to enable the custom HUD in T:ANE and other roles that come in hand. In TRS19 comes the pain of manually loading each wagon again as having custom commands (and with that no load all command) in quickdrive is impossible so I always have to go the way over a new session here if I don't wan't to drive empty trains.
Another downside is the inability to control the snow level and with that insufficient control of seasonal features in Quickdrive.

9. A lot please. I love action. The Trainz sessions I enjoyed most were some german sessions frmo 2013 for a (payware) route through my city, accurately modelling the 2.5 - 4 minute intervals at the center section of the route.

10. Yes. I'm in one of the last remaining MP communities, sad it died out almost with TRS19 having it more stable than ever before... The biggest downsides I see right now are the limitation to DLS only - OpenRails Multiplayer shows that it can work with allowing third party and even some local modifications without causing any further issues - the fact that it is impossible to save Multiplayer sessions and in general, the ability to run your own dedicated servers (like in a lot of other multiplayer games out there) would be neat.

11. One thing I have seen come up quite often, especially with many people seeing that TRS19 ships with a lot of buildin focussed at driving yourself that they don't use cause all they wanna do is use Trainz as a world creation simulator, is, why not offer a world builder edition of TRS19 to include only KSC2 and the Content Samples route (so basically what is the main program right now) at a lower price and make everything else optional.

Greets, Mika