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Thread: Is anyone playing

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    Yeah I haven't been that interested on it here. If you can't save what is the point. The save system seems to work really well in single player, and the AI and route building obviously is what attracts me the most here.

    I think both Run8 and Trainz could probably learn plenty from each other, but I'm here now and don't touch Run8 these days.



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    So is there many who do British MP routes? I must admit i'm interested in making my Midsomer Valley line MP but I think i've seen maybe two MP sessions online while I was in game.

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    Guys, where do I start, I want to join the game...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kennystone View Post
    where do I start
    Start with getting your game(s) registered to your account. Currently none are showing. You will have to have a registered version of the game with multiplayer in order for this to work. This will require you to use the same account in game as here on the forum and/or manual register your serial via My Trainz (see link on top of this page).

    Note that this topic is about the PC / Mac version of the game (as the starter of the topic doesn't have any tablet versions).

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    Thank you for the detailed explanation!

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