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Thread: Supporting Trainz!

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    Cool Supporting Trainz!

    I like supporting Trainz because I believe in it. A very prestigis member of the community and friend of mine has many times pointed to the good features contained there-in; Phil Skene!

    Instead of joining in of the funding scheme during the development of TANE, I mostly bought extra copys of the previous games. I remember someone questioning that practice saying that you only needed one copy to be installed many times and I assume he meant that he had installations on different partitions or in different folders on the same machine. I have different machines and I also built a super machine for my grandson to put TANE on.

    Remember the dog that ate your homework? He could just as easily eat your one and only disk too, and I worry about that!

    I have been noticing for a while now that additional routes have popped up in the routes menu and many of them are pay ware being offered for sale and I think this is a great idea and I intend to buy some in the near future.

    I say future because I just went to WIN 10, making my machine a duel boot machine. When I get the wrinkles worked out of this set-up I intend to buy more routes for Trainz.

    I would like to extend my heart felt thanks to the people who are helping support Trainz by offering their work to be sold.

    I've read the criticisms previous about funding but the bottom line is that if we, as a community, want a continuously improved and supported ( remember MSTS and the non-support? ) train sim, it simply has to be funded in some way and I kind of like this way. Think, also, that it is a way of voting on what creations and creators that we like most!

    May the competition continue!


    Wild Willy the Wacko
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    Thanks WWtW - very much appreciated!
    Tony Hilliam

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    Yes, it is an unfortunate fact that these forums often become an "echo chamber" for those who have complaints - and name me a software product that does not have bugs, issues, or could not be improved in some way. Because Trainz is a hobby application its users tend to be much more passionate about it, which is a good thing because they tend to be more loyal, but every minor issue can quickly become a major "catastrophe " and of course N3V has to "instantly" fix every problem before it is even discovered.

    It is well known in marketing that people who are happy with a product (or at least not dissatisfied) are far less likely to post their views in forums or write letters.

    You are not alone in your views WWW.

    I am often amused by the totally contradictory demands made by users. As Tony has often remarked they are "damned when they do something and damned when they don't". Who would want to be a game software developer?
    A member of the "Party Machine". Now if only I could remember where they are holding the party!

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