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Thread: USLW Is gone

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    The picture next to your name is called your avatar. You set that by going to settings at the top of the forum page. Then you go to "My Settings" on the left side of the screen. You will see "edit avatar" Click on that, and follow the instructions. I took a quick look through the selections available, but did not see a T1. If that is not available, make another choice. That will then show up by your name.


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    I'm late checking in on this thread but thanks to ConrailFan76 I managed to retrieve my route (Sherman Mountain RR) from the site. It's a old route but I think it was my first route that I ever uploaded. Thanks for the link.
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    I'm late to the game as well, having found this thread while searching to see if anyone has reported that both the USLW website and the RRMods website seem to have been hacked. When trying to access either page, I get redirected to some other site, and in the case of the USLW site, I get a popup message about my windows being corrupt, and having a limited amount of time to correct the issue .. likely Ransomeware, or some other malware.

    Hopefully, some of the content can find a new home elsewhere, someday.
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