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    Quote Originally Posted by brucem56 View Post
    I trust you, I can only go by what the website says - that the purchase includes 4 M120 Connectable Modules by "itareus". So they aren't the Modules that I "think" come with it, they are the Modules that are "advertised" to come with it.
    The text on the website is wrong. I now know for sure.

    Tony confirmed to me he will update the text.

    I just booted my TMR2017 and did this filter:
    Install = True
    Category = Route

    The list showed these routes:

    • <kuid2:523:19723122:17> Kickstarter County (by Auran) (*)
    • <kuid2:69871:2200:10> The Bidye Traction Railroad - Model Trainz (by Philskene)
    • <kuid2:69871:2263:8> The Shortz & Kerl Traction Railroad - Model Trainz (by Philskene)
    • <kuid2:69871:2269:5> Port Zyd & Fulazturn Railroad - Model Trainz (by Philskene)
    • <kuid2:82412:104611:9> Milwaukee Road Avery-Drexel (by Tume) (*)
    • <kuid2:103748:100007:4> Brazemore Yard (by Eso)
    • <kuid2:103748:100050:4> Bea-Dawe Model Railway (by Eso)
    • <kuid2:109664:100020:9> Franklin Avenue Industrial (by Abcdefaqoz)
    • <kuid2:243828:100015:4> Appen (by Itareus)
    • <kuid2:429398:100003:13> Japan - Model Trainz (by Acelaamtrak)
    • <kuid:645812:12005> M120 - module example 1 (1 baseboard, basic) (by me)
    • <kuid:645812:12006> M120 - module example 2 (2 baseboards) (by me)
    • <kuid:645812:12007> M120 - module example 3 (1 baseboard) (by me)
    • <kuid:645812:12008> M120 - module example 4 (2 baseboards) (by me)

    (*) I don't know if this is a 100% clean install or that it includes "payware routes from TANE" or something like that, but the list at least should not be longer then the above; it does not contain other downloaded routes.
    I added the authors between brackets at the end. Notice the 4 modules by me and 1 route by Itareus.

    Anyway (repeating myself),
    Still not your biggest issue; those things are very basic and found on the DLS anyway (plus a bunch of better modules can now be found there).
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