Hello, and welcome.

My username is Thundrert, and I am in search of blueprints, specifically those for the C&O Class M-1 and N&W Class TE-1 steam turbine locomotives.

I realize that there was already a similar discussion, but I was wondering if I could be helped as well, as i am attempting to "pick up the torch" as it were.

#500 looks like this -https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chesapeake_and_Ohio_class_M-
1#/media/File:Chesapeake_and_Ohio_Railway_steam_turbine_loc omotive_500.JPG

#2300, "Jawn Henry" looks like this- https://www.american-rails.com/jawn-henry.html#gallery[pageGallery]/0/

I found something close to a partial blueprint for 2300 on the same site as the picture posted above, but i don't think it'd work for construction purposes.

#500 doesn't seem to have any public, free to download plans and I am unfortunately unable to afford scans of the ones held by the COHS.

I tried to freehand using pictures of 500, but I don't think my version does justice.

I could really use anything available if that doesn't sound rude.