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Thread: Hershey Electric (Cuba)

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    Default Hershey Electric (Cuba)

    This looks like a fascinating line:


    Again one with conflicting detail as all the information sources I can find indicate the whole route is still open, but Open Street Map shows as disused from Canasi to Matzanas.

    Search of the forum indicates at least one attempt to build, but appears to have fizzled out ~5 years ago.

    Would certainly be interesting and a bit different, though not sure how you simulate the concept of "manana"...

    Update: I have established the reason why the eastern end of the line has been edited into "closed" status on OSM, is that it sustained damage in a hurricane some time over the last couple of years. The service is suspended but not closed or the line abandoned. One of the pitfalls of using OSM where anyone can edit the content in a fairly uncontrolled manner. Hopefully it will be restored in due course. While Cuba is not on our bucket list of places to visit for real, it would be nice at some point to see a virtual facsimile of the route to enjoy. One for the future to do list, perhaps.
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