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Thread: Does anyone else see this T:ANE user uploading DLS clutter?

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    Exclamation Does anyone else see this T:ANE user uploading DLS clutter?

    I have been seeing a lot of DLS clutter from a user,and no,it is,shockingly NOT a mobile user. Yes this is,in fact a TANE user. This user is uploading DLS clutter that even looking at the title of the stuff I am sure it is terrible,N3V by now should be cleaning up this DLS clutter,sure,most DLS clutter is uploaded by mobile users,but this is clutter made by a TANE user,I suspect the user is not that old from the looks of the titles he/she decided on.

    User name? If you are using the TS12 content manager today,if you see a title for a route that seems awful,and it is build 4.5 (You can optionally add a build number thing to the thing that shows assist name,author user name,etc,by right clicking it and add that on.) then you got the user. N3V,at this rate of DLS clutter it should be necessary that you start cleaning it up,I am tired of all this DLS clutter. I am TIRED of it.
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    The DLS barely has any rules regarding what is eligible for upload. The asset can't be faulty, and that's about it IIRC (although content can be taken down if it is say, payware being distributed for free). What doesn't help is that N3V doesn't have the staff (or the time and patience) to monitor every asset that gets uploaded. If they were to do so, assets would take weeks to show up on the DLS.

    I understand where you're coming from, but in the end, monitoring what gets uploaded to the DLS just isn't feasible. Doing so with N3V's current staff arrangements would make it absolute hell for people like Dave Snow, who constantly upload new content to the DLS.

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    You will just have to learn to live with the clutter, as no one is going to remove it, nor censor the DLS

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    The DLS servers are in the US aren't they? Maybe they could impose a tariff on clutter.
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    Okay, okay--- I'll stop cluttering up the DLS with a lot of junk!!

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    Good Morning All
    We do not believe it is appropriate to ban or block users from uploading routes that they have created; so long as the content is not in breach of the code of conduct. Although you may not find it useful, there is nothing wrong with a person uploading a route they may have created.

    The exception here would be if a user actively 'spammed' the DLS, we would then investigate it and take action of necessary. An example would be a group of identical routes/assets that have not had any actual 'creation' done on them (ie blank routes with no track/etc) - this would be taken case-by-case and has been acted on in a couple of cases in the past. However a user uploading a route that they have created that isn't to your taste is not reason to block them from uploading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZecMurphy View Post
    The exception here would be if a user actively 'spammed' the DLS, we would then investigate it and take action of necessary.
    Then why won't you address these items:
    <kuid2:700148:100297:1> Paravozik
    <kuid2:700148:100298:1> Paravozik
    <kuid2:700148:100299:1> Paravozik
    <kuid2:700148:100300:1> Paravozik
    <kuid2:700148:100301:1> Paravozik
    <kuid2:700148:100302:1> Paravozik
    (and the rest)

    It's not just spamming - it's deliberately invalidating dependent assets.

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    The 61 items of 5.5kb all uploaded on 28th Jan last year, I think this was when people where still doing the *Great DLS Flood* one person did 1000 items once in one day, lol.


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