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Thread: What happened to Blue Sky Interactive (Developer of Pro Train series)

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    Quote Originally Posted by JCitron View Post
    Have you tried using PEV's Images2TGA in batch mode?

    He had documented how to do that in his very helpful documentation. Here's the one I use:

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\PEVSoft\Images2TGA\Images2TGA.exe" -trawl "F:\TANE_Data\editing\%1%"

    Substitute your paths to your program and data within the quotes.

    Save the text file as .cmd (command)

    Open an asset for edit, and give it a try.

    Submit the asset afterwards.


    I've done 20-plus assets at a time like signals for example which has saved a ton of time.
    I think I have too much assets open for editing for that.
    PM me for missing kuids

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roine View Post
    I think I have too much assets open for editing for that.
    I went through a massive asset repair effort in recent times, and found that Images2TGA and the batching procedure John Citron kindly outlined for you could do several hundreds of open-for-edit assets at one time, all with a double click of the batch icon. You can watch it work it's way through all the images it finds. It is definitely worth the time setting it up.

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